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In The Coop

Apr 18, 2018

This week we sit down with our extra special guest Dr. Peter Ferket at the National Poultry Show. Dr. Ferket is a poultry nutritionist and extension specialist from North Carolina State University who has come home to Canada this week to chat with us. We sit down with Peter to discuss his research on in-ovo nutrition, early feeding and how they can contribute to a successful antibiotic-free program. Listen in as we chat about some of this facsinating research Dr. Ferket is doing in the field of poultry nutrition. 

"In The Coop" is a byweekly podcast series brought to you by the Poultry Industry Council. The next episode is scheduled to release Wednesday, May 2nd 2018. Follow us on Twitter @PoultryIndCou and tweet along with the hashtag #InTheCoop